The point to choose Cancer Insurance and Medical Insurance!
Can foreigners carry insurance?
@The number of foreigners who work in Japan is going up every year and it seems that many of them have thoughts of carrying insurance in Japan.
@Since contents of the insurance policy are so complicated, it is very difficult for even Japanese to understand them completely.
@Just as in other insurance cases, the contract of life insurance should be formulated once after both insurance company and contractor can agree on contents of the contract. The prerequisite condition in this case would be that the contractor (or the consumer) of the insurance policy should understand contents of the contract correctly.


Rules set by insurance company
@In case of foreigners who are going to carry insurance, certain rules are generally set by insurance company in order to avoid any troubles after having contract.

@Some examples of conditions for foreigners to carry insurance are shown as follows.(They depend on individual insurance companies).
to be able to speak (or read-and-write) Japanese
to be able to understand contents of insurance policy (booklet in which provisions of
@ contract are described) correctly

to have an intention to live in Japan permanently
to have regular job and stable income
to get married with Japanese

Is it difficult to carry insurance?
@As noted above, it seems that it is not so hard for foreigners to carry insurance. However, it is recommended to contact each insurance company when you consider carrying insurance since the acceptance of conditions depends on individual insurance companies.

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